DEC - Mitra Sejahtera


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Disability Empowerment Centre

Mitra Sejahtera - Gunung Kidul


DEC - Mitra Sejahtera

Disability Empowerment Centre (DEC)

DEC is a collective of local groups working to improve an economical lot of disadvantaged Indonesian citizens.
DEC Mitra Sejahtera – Nglipar Gunung Kidul, established as a forum for improving the economic well-being of members of persons with disabilities through cooperatives and creative enterprise. Productive and decent activities enable persons with disabilities to realise their aspirations, improve their living conditions and to participate more actively in society.


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Inclusive Creative Social Enterprise

INCREASE is an Incubator, Impact Accelerator and Business Advisory for SE that partners with social enterprises (Social Enterprise) to increase impact and opportunities for sustainability. Social businesses develop rapidly and become one of the ways to solve social problems through a business approach.
INCREASE provides support through activities including capacity building through business and financial management training, mentoring, product curation, monitoring, networking, marketing, and investment. Currently, INCREASE is partnering with Social Enterprise that has the goal of empowering marginalised groups.
Our current partners are DEC (Disability Empowerment Center) Gunungkidul DIY, Red Ochre UK, Difabike Yogyakarta, British Council, as well as several other national and international organisations. The vision of INCREASE is "The development of an inclusive and sustainable social enterprise ecosystem."